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We have a grand tradition, dating back to 1871, of moulding young minds. Since those early days many thousands of graduates have looked back with pride upon their alma mater as the place where they prepared themselves for adult life and created lasting memories with their classmates.

St Ann’s High School, Secunderabad distinguished alumnus include Rakesh Sharma, Shanta Sinha, Diana Hayden, Tejdeep Kaur, etc. Ms Sonia Gandhi and her sister Nadia Maino studied at St Ann's, Turin, Italy.

Our alumni weave together the threads of all those lives into an institution to support the common good of the alumni, the current students and the high school. In case, you are an alumnus, but not yet a part of this tradition, register yourself with us to become an active member in the Association. Make use of this opportunity to connect again with the people and the institution that once was a part of your life and which has made you the person you are today.

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